About Chef Brulee Chocolates and Gateaux

Chef Brulée Chocolates and Gâteaux creates handcrafted artisan chocolates. You’ve never had chocolates that taste this delicious.

Delicious artisan chocolates
An artisan chocolatier creates chocolates in small batches, using the world’s finest ingredients and most beautiful designs. We use fresh ingredients, natural flavorings and none of the artificial preservatives that go into mass-produced, factory-made chocolates. The result is the quintessential chocolate experience, a sensual delight of delicious flavors and artistic designs. Luscious milk chocolates, intense dark chocolates and creamy white chocolates, infused with a mesmerizing variety of exotic flavors:

  • Delectable pralines, crunchy hazelnuts, fresh roasted pecans and almonds.
  • Rich caramel, fresh mint, coffee, creamy peanut butter, honey, dulce de leche.
  • Purées of orange, raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon and black currant.
  • Rum-soaked raisins.
  • Grand Marnier, Amaretto, absinthe and rum liqueurs.

Beautiful works of art
An artisan chocolatier creates works of art. Chef Brulée molds, paints and adorns each chocolate with artistic flourishes impossible to create on an assembly line. We are proud of every chocolate we make.

“My goal is the perfect combination of taste, beauty and freshness,” says Chef Brulée certified chocolatier, Natalya Shapiro. “I want my chocolates to look as beautiful as they taste.”

Chef Brulée chocolates are molded into countless imaginative shapes, such as lips, hearts, butterflies, domes and teardrops. Chocolate shells are accented with notes of colored cocoa butter and often, with drizzles of chocolate or raspberry.

Flavorful, fresh-made chocolates
All of our chocolate creations are fresh-made using natural ingredients. We use organic milk and cream. We use only natural flavorings: real nuts, fresh fruits, fruit purées and pastes, and luscious liqueurs. We never use flavor extracts or artificial preservatives.

We make our chocolates daily in our own shop. Everythingis fresh. Our candies have not been sitting on the shelves for months, like factory-made chocolates.

Love ♦ Joy ♦ Beauty ♦ Celebration ♦ Importance
Enjoy Chef Brulée chocolates for yourself. Are you ready to indulge yourself?

Give Chef Brulée chocolates to someone you love or admire. Chef Brulée artisan chocolates convey Love. Joy. Beauty. Celebration. Importance.

We serve the Atlanta area at our suburban Roswell retail store and the rest of the United States at www.chefbrulee.com. We would love to share our delicious chocolate creations with you.

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