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I had the espresso, key lime, passion fruit, fresh mint, and white chocolate mint chocolates. They were yummy and very artistic looking. They would be a great gift to give to anyone that loves chocolate.


Came here with my husband out of curiosity, ended up leaving with a bunch of chocolates and coffee! The chocolates are exquisite and like tiny works of art. The lady running the place was super friendly and helpful. She also does custom chocolates for parties. I highly recommend Chef Brulee!


I went to a breakfast spot in the same shopping center for a early morning breakfast and noticed the chocolate shop, Chef Brulee but due to the early hour, they were closed.. I made it a point to stop by during business hours and I'm so happy that I did. The shop smelled terrific and I met with the owner, what a talent. She helped me pick out a group of chocolates for my wife. Guys Chef Brulee chocolates + wife= brownie points Ladies These chocolates will rock your taste buds!!!!


Lavender Caramel Chocolate - need I say any more? WOW! Great creation fusing the caramel with lavender; very unique combination with amazing flavor. Definitely a must try for caramel or any chocolate lovers. Thanks again for bringing your creations to Roswell.

Jason Oswald Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

Met brother for lunch then visited Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux for dessert. I think I need to go back tomorrow for breakfast.....the shop is a must for any chocolate lover!!!

Becky Appleton

You are incredibly talented. Sure wish you were closer. I tried your little single round container, with a heart and a set of lips inside, at a Seminar I attended in Feb. They were delicious!!

Kellie Hallman Martin Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

Thank you for helping me pick out another delicious assortment of chocolates to appease my sweet tooth addiction. The absinthe and pistachio chocolates are divine.

Jason Oswald Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

Came in for my first visit today ~ very unique!

Kim Weber Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

It was a pleasure to meet you today! The soldier and I love our chocolates. Can't wait to see you again!

Crystal Lee Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

Just left Chef brulee !!! OMG what a beautiful place!!! MUST see!!!

Kate Gorinshteyn Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

Found this beautiful Chocolatier yesterday totally by accident - LOVED IT !!! Felt like I was transported to Paris. The chocolates are as beautiful as they are DELICIOUS, and the owner is charming ! Run - do not walk - to this luscious place !

Jennifer McElhaney Husack Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux

A special visit to the EXQUISITE Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux, during my travels this morning. If you have never been, GO! I call it my "Salon of Delights"! Cannot say enough about this wonderful place and LOVELY people!

Roseann Fulghum Blacher

And my creativity is lagging behind Chef Chef Brulée-Chocolates and Gateaux -- Jaw dropping delightful and charming this shop and owner will have you eating out of her hand litterally.....stop by!!!!!!! I am glad I did.

Laura Green

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