Meet Natalya
Chef Brulée’s delicious artisan chocolates are works of art that look as beautiful as they taste. Behind every work of art is an artist. The artist of Chef Brulée Chocolates and Gâteaux is talented chocolatier Natalya Shapiro.

Natalya is a native of Ukraine who moved to the U.S. at age 17. Art Shapiro is also a native Russian. The two met and fell in love in the United States and were soon married.

Art and Natalya discovered that they share a love for the kitchen. They especially enjoyed baking and decorating fancy cakes for family gatherings. Their beautiful cakes became well known among family and friends, and before they knew it, they were receiving cake orders. To their surprise, their hobby was turning into a thriving business. They began offering their sweet creations under the name Chef Brulée Pastry and Cakes in 2008.

In search of novel ways to decorate their beautiful cakes, the Shapiros began using chocolate décor, such as chocolate borders and lace. Then they began molding chocolates to use as cake adornments. As they mastered the art of chocolatiering, Natalya and Art began creating artisan chocolates, and Chef Brulée Chocolates was born. Today chocolates are Chef Brulée’s No. 1 product.

During the 2012 Christmas season, Chef Brulée had such high demand for their delicious chocolates that they barely managed to fill the orders. They were still creating their chocolates in their home kitchen, and “our kitchen was covered in chocolate,” Natalya recalls. After the holidays, Art and Natalya decided that to keep up with their phenomenal growth, they would have to move to a commercial kitchen. In fall 2013, Chef Brulée opened its shop and retail store in Roswell, an affluent suburb of Atlanta.

Also in 2013, Natalya traveled to Vancouver, Canada, to receive training in the chocolate arts from the world-renown Ecole Chocolat, where Natalya received her certification as a professional chocolatier. Art, who is an owner and CFO of an Atlanta construction company, continues to share Natalya’s love for chocolates. He helps with the business end, provides creative ideas, and helps in the kitchen whenever he can.

Word about Chef Brulée’s delicious artisan chocolates has spread far beyond Atlanta. They receive inquiries regularly from all over the nation. So, Chef Brulée began accepting online orders in spring 2014. Every box of artisan chocolates ordered online and shipped to chocolate lovers across the country is prepared in Chef Brulée’s Atlanta kitchen by Natalya and her staff.

And every box of chocolates is still a work of art, a sensual combination of taste and beauty.

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