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The Art of Making Delicious Artisan Chocolates at Chef Brulée Chocolates
Layered cakes. Mousse cakes. Custard cakes. Soufflé cakes. Meringue cakes.

Tantalizing cakes brimming with rich chocolates and luscious fruits and nuts. Whipped, butter and Bavarian creams. Exquisite ganache fillings. Colorful, delectable icings and glazes, borders and lace. The possibilities never end.

Chef Brulée is in the cake business. Delicious artisan chocolates have become our most popular product, but we built our reputation on our amazing cakes.

Our full name is Chef Brulée Chocolates and Gâteaux. “Gâteaux” is French for “cake.” Not just any cake, but heavenly cakes that are both culinary delights and dazzling works of art. Chef Brulée creates cakes in a countless variety of shapes, flavors, fillings and adornments.

Several years ago, when Art and Natalya Shapiro first fell in love and were married, they discovered that they shared a love of the kitchen and baking and decorating fancy cakes. That hobby was the beginning of Chef Brulée. Since that humble beginning, Natalya and Art have turned their family pastime into a passionate art form.

Want just the right cake for a special occasion?
Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, congratulations, romance.

Do you have a special order?
We make personalized cakes, sports-themed cakes, humorous cakes and cakes of unusual shapes and sizes.

Want a special decoration?
Browse our photo gallery to see the many imaginative decorations we have designed for happy customers. Do you have a unique idea for a special cake? We love the challenge of creating something new!

Unlike our artisan chocolates, we do not accept online orders for cakes, nor do we ship cakes. However, we welcome you to our Roswell, GA, store to place your order for a one-of-a-kind cake.

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