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The Art of Making Delicious Artisan Chocolates at Chef Brulée Chocolates

Chef Brulée makes heavenly artisan chocolates. Our incomparable chocolate candies are created with all-natural ingredients and flavorings -- organic milk, real nuts, honey, fresh fruit purées and genuine liqueurs. We never use artificial flavors or preservatives.

"Artisan confections will never replace mass-produced candies in the marketplace. Nor should they. [They are] a niche market for those who are passionate about freshness, quality and flavor."
---Peter P. Greweling, Culinary Institute of America
Starting with the finest ingredients, we hand-craft our confections into beautiful designs that defy mass production. An artisan chocolatier makes chocolates in small batches to ensure the utmost taste and craftsmanship.

Our chocolates take two to three days to create. The process, from imaginative concept to delicious conclusion, involves seven painstaking steps.

Step 1 Clean the mold:

We make chocolate candies using molds that come in hundreds of unique shapes and sizes. The molds are heated to melt away residue from the previous batch. Every crevice and cavity must be cleaned and polished by hand, using a microfiber towel or cotton balls. If the mold is not perfectly clean, the chocolates will not “demold” in the final step.

Step 2 Paint the molds:

The molds are hand-painted with colored cocoa butter, usually using an airbrush. The molds have multiple layers,with different colors being applied to each layer to create a true work of art.

Creating unique color combinations is an important part of the artistry. Some flavors and shapes suggest obvious color themes, while other flavors and designs leave the color choices to the chocolatier’s imagination. Accent splashes and drizzles further distinguish each chocolate, resulting in one-of-a-kind works of art.

The cocoa butter must be heated to exactly 84 degrees F to adhere properly to the mold. It is challenging but essential to maintain a precise temperature throughout the process.

Step 3 Temper the chocolates:

Tempering is one of the most crucial steps of the chocolate-making process. The finest chocolates from France, Belgium and the U.S. are selected. For the finished candies to cool to the desired hardness, the chocolate must be carefully tempered. Chef Brulée uses two tempering machines, one for white and one for dark chocolate.

The chocolate is slowly heated and then slowly cooled, causing the cocoa butter molecules to solidify. For example, dark chocolate is heated to 45 degrees C, then cooled to 27 degrees C, then reheated to 32 to 34 degrees C. If the chocolate is not heated to precisely those levels, the resulting candy may not be the right hardness, consistency or color.

Step 4 Make the chocolate shells:

The tempered chocolate is then poured into the molds. The filled molds are vibrated to cause air bubbles to escape.

Step 5 Fill the shells:

There are no limits to the delicious recipes for chocolate candy fillings. Many of our fine chocolates are filled with a creamy ganache. The fillings are usually enriched from a broad assortment of flavorful ingredients.

Nuts are an always popular addition to chocolate candies, including pralines, crunchy hazelnuts, fresh-roasted pecans and almonds. Other popular choices include rich caramel, fresh mint, coffee, creamy peanut butter, honey and dulce de leche.

For the fruit lover, purées of orange, raspberry, pomegranate and lemon create a tantalizing and contrast of tastes. For connoisseurs of fine spirits, try our chocolates filled with rum-soaked raisins or Grand Marnier, Amaretto, absinthe and rum liqueurs.

More exotic fillings include yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, ginger, pine nuts, and puree of black currant.

Fillings must be prepared to precise temperatures. If the filling is too hot it will melt the shell. Too cold and the filling is not fluid enough to be pressed into the delicate chocolate shell.

Step 6 Close the shells:

After the shells are filled, they are heated slightly to melt the opening. Then the cavity is sealed with a touch of tempered chocolate.

Step 7 Demold the chocolates:

Finally, the chocolates are removed from the molds. If each preceding step has been executed flawlessly, the chocolate candies will demold and a wonderful assortment of artisan chocolates is ready to be enjoyed. If there has been any hitch or deviation in the process, the candies may not demold and the entire batch is ruined.

The result of this elaborate labor of love is a collection of beautiful works of edible art. Delicious, fresh-made, flavorful artisan chocolates.

At Chef Brulée we love making the world’s finest chocolates. When you purchase Chef Brulée chocolates, you will love enjoying their beauty and savoring their delicious taste.

"My goal is the perfect combination of taste, beauty and freshness. I want my chocolates to look as beautiful as they taste."
---Natalya Shapiro

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