Build Your Own Customized Box of Chef Brulee Chocolates
* The image of the box above might not be the exact box shipped. The colors and shapes could vary and might not be exact
  • Chef Brulee’s online chocolate store offers 38 of the most beautiful, delicious artisan chocolates you will ever taste. You have to try them all!
    Pick and choose your favorite chocolates and the ones you want to try next and place them in your own customized gift box. Design a box for yourself or have us ship your customized box as an amazing gift for someone you love or work with.
  • Step 1. Select the size box you want: 4, 5, 8, 12, 16, or 27 pieces
  • Step 2. Choose the chocolates to fill your box. Scroll through our assortment of 38 artisan chocolates. Click on a chocolate and it will pop up in your box. To remove a chocolate, click on the chocolate in your box and it disappears.
  • Step 3. When you are done building your customized box, click “Continue.” On the next screen, select a delivery date, method of shipment, and tell us where to deliver your customized box of chocolates. If you want, include a message!
  • Step 4. Proceed to Checkout to complete your order. Soon your customized box of chocolates will be on their way to your chosen destination.
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Create your Custom Box from the Following Chocolate


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Your customized candy box selection is full. If you desire to add more candies you can select a bigger box and add more selections there. If you want to replace the selected candies with different ones, just click on the candy in the box and then click on the desired selection from the pictures below.


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The selection has not been completed. Please make sure to select candies for entire box before checking out.

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